Wellness Coaching

What is a Wellness Coach?

Wellness Coaching is the facilitation of peak physical, mental, emotional, (some)spiritual, social, and environmental health.  A coach doesn’t just point to a mountain and tell you to climb it in order to reach the top.  They climb it with you.

Coaching helps you to build the bridge between your dream or goal and the final result.   Coaching helps you to break down the walls of old habits that no longer serve you.   A coach is a source of empowerment, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, and education.  A coach is your best ally and a source of accountability.

Wellness coaching is a combination of life coaching, fitness coaching, organic living, sound nutrition, stress and energy management.  Someone can be very fit but still unwell, if they have high levels of stress and suffer from insomnia. A wellness coach can fill in the gaps.  I offer one more dimension to wellness coaching by adding in the meal design element.By choosing the RIGT foods, you will start FEELING better in no time.

 Wellness coaching helps clients to: 

– set goals
– reduce stress

– assess health concerns

– prepare for life changing events like surgery

– live in the present moment — make conscious choices for health, success, & happiness

– actively change behaviors like drinking alcohol, poor diet choices, and negative thinking

– offers support for those facing health challenges who may be isolated

– stay inspired long term — become in touch with internal motivators

– develop strong personal ties, and a nurturing relationship with the world at large

– be a source of accountability ~ this is one of the best ways lasting change occurs

– become self-empowered & self-actualized


 What is Fitness Coaching?

I design a fitness & nutrition plan based on your individual needs, personality, and lifestyle:

-We determine the best physical activities for you

-We set achievable and rewarding fitness goals

-I help you to stay on track & stay motivated

-We work you through any resistances

-I help you find the inspiration and reason you wish to exercise and get and/or stay fit: do it for YOU!


– Change is possible.

You can change for good!  I can coach you on how to make lasting lifestyle changes.  How?  With proven methods based on science and coaching psychology.

I am a CERTIFIED WELLNESS COACH, and I offer Individual and family Wellness Coaching


You’re ready to make an investment in yourself that will forever change your life – you’re ready to hire a great Wellness Coach.

What you put into your personal Wellness Coaching journey will determine what you get out of it. The journey begins with you getting clear about what’s important to you and what you want in a great Wellness Coach. Contact me via email, and let’s get started on a brand new YOU!