Before I got  pregnant, I was totally focused on my OTHER baby, The Fit Green Goddess Brand. I was training for half marathons, training clients all day, and focused on my Granola line. It’s amazing at how quick my focus shifted once I found out we were having a baby! I am still training my clients, and still making my fabulous granola, however my half marathon days are on hold for now.

Being pregnant now, I feel it’s the PERFECT time to be able to connect with a new mart- Pregnant Fit Green Goddesses!

Like my other site, my pregnancy site will have healthy tips on staying FIT and healthy during your pregnancy. I will have recipes, tips, workouts and a peak into my own personal pregnancy journal.

Staying Fit & Lean can be tough enough, but to add a pregnancy, well your journey just got tougher. I have learned to keep my pregnancy, fit, fun, active and happy. I can show you and help you along your joinery now that I can feel your pain…and pleasure too!

I’m MOST focused on fitness and nutrition, but I’m also here to help you find balance, and stay in control of the emotional side of pregnancy. Remember, it’s not about how much weight you gain during pregnancy, it’s about maintaining a healthy and happy environment for the baby growing inside of you.

The next 9 months of your life are going to ROCK! Stay happy positive and active! Stick with me, we’ll do it together!

XO Tina