Kicking Kale & a Wild Salmon dish







3 cups broccoli


1/2 cup rinsed organic no sodium Chick Peas


3 cups kale- chopped


1/3 red onion diced


2 cloves garlic- diced


lemon juice- fresh 1/2 lemon


6 oz extra firm tofu


sprinkle of fresh dill chopped fine


grapeseed oil- 1 tbsp.


Before I started this dish, I cut a yellow acorn squash in half, scooped out the seeds, rinsed it and placed right side UP, in a baking dish with about 1 cup water in the bottom. I sprinkled fresh rosemary & 1 tbsp. olive oil over the halves and baked in the oven on 350, for one hour


Directions for Kale:


In a large frying pan, heat 1 tbsp grapeseed oil on medium heat. Let the pan get really hot.  Saute your garlic and onions for about 5 minutes or until light brown. Add your broccoli and chick peas. Cook until the broccoli is vibrant and lighter in color, but NOT soggy! I covered the pan for about 10 minutes. Add your kale, lemon juice and dill and saute on medium to low heat until Kale is a bright green shiny color. Add tofu at the end and cover for about 5 more minutes until tofu is nice and hot. Once it’s done, I shut the heat and started to pull the flesh from the acorn squash onto a plate. Then take your kickin kale and serve on top of the acorn squash.








That was just MY dinner. I also had to make Mario’s. his choice for dinner was Wild Salmon, peppers and sauce over brown rice pasta. I started making this for him back in our dating days 9 years ago…SHEESH! TO this day it’s still his FAV!






12 oz Wild (ONLY)SALMON- Skin ON.


1 red, yellow & orange SMALL pepper, sliced thin and long ways


1 red onion sliced very thin


4 cloves garlic diced super small


Fresh Dill (to taste)


Sea salt & black pepper


1 can diced unsalted tomatoes


olive oil


1/2 lb. brown rice spaghetti





In a large frying pan, add your oil and get the pan HOT. Once it’s ready to go, add the onions and garlic until light brown. Next add the peppers and saute for about 10 minutes until peppers are soft. Add your spices and tomatoes. Let simmer for about 10 more minutes. Add your salmon and coat it with the tomato and peppers. Make sure the skin is on the bottom. Set your timer for about 22 minutes. Mario likes his pink inside so for us it’s 22 minutes- for you it may be 25.


While that is simmering on medium low heat and covered, boil your water for the brown rice pasta.



Drain the pasta once it’s done and add a serving to your plate. When the salmon is done, serve it over the pasta, but NO SKIN. I usually scrape it out and toss it in the trash. This dish is GREAT for company or a gourmet meal to make in less than 40 minutes!