About Me

DSCN03162012 was  an incredible year for Tinamarie Guaglianone. She completed the NYC Half Marathon in NYC, and rocked her 13.1 mile race from Central Park all the way down to the South Street Seaport back in March! Running is her passion and something she feels strengthened the bond between her and GOD.

As the author of her blog The Fit Green Goddess, Tinamarie is spreading her message. Running and training hard in the gym are  only  little pieces of her. The bigger piece of her is waking up each morning to help EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE women to FEEL incredible, but to also look beautiful. Her passion for helping women comes from a very raw and real place. Overcoming so many obstacles in her life, it’s hard to imagine just looking at her that she just celebrated her 42nd birthday in November of this year 2013.  A mother to  two adult children, Heather who is 22 years old and Tyler who is 20 years old, Tina makes no excuses as to why women can’t do it all!

Tina didn’t wake up one morning looking like this; she works super hard each day making sure her life is balanced, starting with her nutrition, then her fitness in the gym, and then her relaxing time with her family.Her journey to getting healthy began in her early teens when she discovered diet pills and diuretics, causing her towards a spiral downfall of negativity towards herself. Sadly these lead her towards an eating disorder as well as poor self image. Realizing that she needed something BIG in her life to turn herself around, she started to workout at the age of 18 years old. Watching the big guys work out is where Tina got her knowledge of how to lift weights. She fell in love with it so much, she began working in the fitness industry back in 1996 and eventually she got certified through the ISSA.  In 2003, she moved with her kids and husband Mario to Scottsdale Arizona where she BLOSSOMED like a flower in the fitness industry. She worked for an upscale fitness club name MOUNTAINSIDE FITNESS, as a Fitness Manager overseeing about 10 personal trainers. She got in great shape, moved back to NY and found an itch to compete in FIGURE COMPETITIONS. Placing very high in her first competition, she became even more motivated to share her knowledge with other women.
Her husband Mario founded THE SALUS GROUP, which is a company that designs manages and staffs fitness centers on country club grounds. To this date they have eight clubs and more on the horizon.
The figure competitions Tina entered back in 2006  were fun for Tina, but she wanted something more meaningful to challenge herself. She took up running almost five years ago, and NEVER looked back. She completed her first half marathon in 2010, and did incredible! The race she did in NYC, was to raise money for the B*CURED Foundation which raises money for brain cancer research. She NEVER raised money before and having exceeded her goal of $1000, made her race day that much more meaningful!Running is a HUGE part of her life, but so is cooking. Creating her Fit Green Goddess Granola line three years ago was another BIG accomplishment. Her customers are loyal, as they believe in her, her products and her philosophies. The biggest thing for Tina is to do things that not only make HER happy, but bring her FULFILLMENT.She CAN’T sit still, always looking for something else to do to or create.
She is never satisfied with the success she has at each moment. She wants to do more, and BE more! There is more on the horizon for Tina. A cookbook, a workout video, and yes, even a baby! She and Mario just brought a new baby  into this world on October 6th of 2013- As a couple they couldn’t be more excited to raise their little girl. Sasha Marie Guaglianone.
 “A new journey for me as a mother, a wellness coach and a wife”. I welcome the challenge! Grateful for her LIFE, her children Heather and Tyler, and her husband Mario, Tina is super happy, super motivated and LIVES EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST.